It’s Time To Generate Revenue Again, SoCast Ads Extension Can Help!

By Vlad (SoCast) Jun 26, 2020 | 3:23 PM

By: Vlad Mamoshyn, Ad Operations Specialist

Businesses have faced a huge decrease in traffic and cash flow during the first half of the year caused by border lockdowns, governmental limitations, and other restrictive initiatives. Even though it was and is a rough time for many businesses, it doesn’t mean that people need to forget about an auto dealership nearby or a family-owned pastry shop. Throughout this post, you will discover a few methods of advertising during the summer and the rest of the year.

You will find out how to switch the focus of advertising, how to work with the messaging, and how to bear creativity.

1. Switch goals

Most people evaluate advertising campaigns by conversions and it makes absolute sense. When businesses invest in promotion, they want to see the return on their investment, however, now things are running a bit differently. People are focusing on first-need goods and many businesses don’t fall under this section. Some people might think that it means that what is the reason for advertising if no one is buying? The reason is that businesses need to think about the time after the lockdown. There is a change in buying behavior right now, but things will get back one day. That is why it is important for your customers to remember your advertisers brand. Additionally, it is a great time to find new prospects, since people are spending more time online nowadays. Let’s have a look at the latest graphs of media consumption over the last few months provided by eMarketer.

The graph shows that people in the US started to spend 1 hour more in the media. What does it give us? More time to reach your prospects! Now is a good time to get attention from a valuable audience for businesses.

Don’t forget that there are multiple ways of running an advertising campaign. If an advertiser decided to launch a redesigned version of the corporate website – running a test campaign with different versions of the website for A/B testing purposes is a great way to understand how the audience reacts to those changes. If an advertiser wants people to know that they launched an online shopping option, various delivery options, multiple pick-up locations, or just want to share a word of care, support or update – all this is a great example of a brand awareness campaign. 

2. Update your Messaging to fit the times

By now you’ve probably seen a lot of ads online that have shown response and support related to the COVID-19 Pandemic. First of all, this signifies the brand is up to date and current with the times. Second of all, it shows the support and care for its customers.  It is not an easy time to sell, but you can build trust, explain to people what you can do to make their life easier, display future or existing offers with eased payments, multiple delivery options, discounts, etc. 

Also, don’t forget about the trends. Nowadays, most people are working from home. Think about how your product or service might be beneficial to them. How can you support the community? If we take some radio stations for example, they give away free ad spots for small businesses, some billboard companies provide free spaces for businesses as well, various auto brands take no-interest charges for new vehicles for long periods of time, multiple pick-up and delivery options from retail businesses. All these actions show the support and care to the customer and it is an important part of keeping the business running. 

3. Focus on long-term

Many businesses decided to cut down all Q1 and Q2 ad costs and transfer them to later this or next year. It might be too aggressive because during this time competition can grow stronger and the business runs the risk of losing its loyal customers. That is why SoCast recommends keeping some budget, even if minimal, to run brand awareness campaigns to keep the brand visibility going and front of mind for the loyal consumers. On top of that, businesses can perform some other activities that don’t require ad spend – grow organic traffic, social, work on SEO, make collaborations with other brands, newsletters, contests, giveaways, and more.


Regardless of the challenges faced by Advertisers and our Broadcast clients, SoCast is here to help!

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