Listeners Are Tuning Into Radio During Covid-19 Crisis

By Shay Zeyad Mar 26, 2020 | 4:30 PM

With the Coronavirus outbreak taking over the media, there’s no doubt that listening to the news is very scary to everyone. However, we all understand that staying up to date on local news is now more important than ever.  

Radio has always been an integral information source for local communities, and for many years it has been the familiar and friendly voice that many listeners find not only comforting but is also reassuring when it comes to providing the information needed.  

It is no surprise that during these difficult and unprecedented times, many are using radio as a major source of information and connection. Whether it’s for local news, a place to listen to what’s happening, to connect with community members or simply as a way to find out which essential retailers are open for business, radio is continuing to fill those needs for consumers everywhere.

An online survey conducted by Nielsen on March 20-22 shows that consumers hold radio in high regards with 60% of adults 18+  saying they trust radio to provide them with timely information about the spread of the Coronavirus, and 83% of American adults have reported spending more time listening to radio as a result of the outbreak. 

More interestingly, digital radio consumption is on the rise as well.  Based on interviews conducted with over 11,000 people ages 16-54, digital radio consumption is on the rise with 27% of respondents stating that they are visiting radio station websites more since the outbreak, and 37% use radio for information in their local area. This shows that the younger listeners who don’t necessarily tune into radio through the traditional channels have instead started using radio station’s websites when to source the information they need. 

In uncertain times like this, it’s important for radio stations to provide news updates on-air and share important information across all digital platforms. That’s where SoCast comes into play; we provide you with a platform that helps expand your radio brands reach, simplify digital workflows, engage your audiences and grow digital revenue.

And according to our technical team, our partner’s website traffic has skyrocketed over 44% in the last 7 days, accompanied by a 37% increase of users on the SoCast platform. This equates to an estimated 11 million sessions across 5.7 million users in just 7 days.  Despite the surge in traffic, our platform has remained stable and the websites functional as always, enabling our broadcast partners to stay engaged with their listeners.

Do you want to learn more about how you can help stay engaged with your listeners and advertisers in these unique times?  Click here to speak to our Digital Specialist to share how SoCast can help your radio stations during these difficult times.



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