Radio Trends You Need to Know from 2016


Radio is entering an exciting new era, and SoCast has identified 3 key trends in digital that radio should be acting on now:


  • Digital Platforms
  • Cross-channel Advertising
  • Content Accessibility


Digital technology is positioned to make radio one of the most powerful content and monetization channels in media. Download this free eBook to see how these key digital trends from 2016 will impact the radio industry.


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The Cromwell Group Case Study


The Cromwell Group is a privately held company with its corporate office in Nashville Tennessee. The company manages affiliates operating 28 Radio stations. For the past 2 years, they have been working exclusively with SoCast to build a digital foundation for their radio brands.


Results working with SoCast:

  • +85% Increase Page Views
  • +9x Social Refferals
  • +98% Mobile Sessions


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Digital Trends in Radio 2016
Digital Trends for Radio 2016


Radio brands are in a unique position to offer multi-channel engagement & advertising opportunities that span from On-Air, Web, Mobile and Social. 


This Infographic illustrates the trends that are affecting the way radio brands connect with their listeners in the digital landscape.




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Building a Digital Revenue Toolkit for Radio
Building a Digital Revenue Toolkit for Radio


Advertisers are no longer spending in online vs offline silos. Radio must stop thinking about digital vs traditional advertising but rather treat them as an integrated unit. 


In this White Paper we touch on:


  • How to grow digital revenue for Radio
  • Radio trends 2016
  • Creating a digital strategy for Radio


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Why Your Radio Station Needs a Mobile App
Why Your Radio Station Needs a Mobile App


More Radio groups whether they are a single station or cluster, are investing in Mobile Apps for Radio because they understand that the attention of consumers is literally in the palm of their hand. 


A Powerful App for Radio:


  • Builds Brand Recognition
  • Drives Listener Engagement
  • Generates Digital Revenue


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How to Monetize On-Air Content through the Web & Social
How to Monetize On-Air Content through the Web & Social


Today, Radio has an incredible opportunity to extend the reach, shelf life, and value of on-air content by taking advantage of new technology.


In this White Paper we touch on:


  • Re-packaging on-air content for online publishing
  • Using social media to extend content reach & site traffic
  • Being creative with digital ad inventories for Radio brands


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SoCast Case Study: The Cromwell Group
SoCast Case Study: The Cromwell Group


How a Tennessee based Radio group partnered with SoCast and experienced exceptional increases in engagement and website traffic.

Results from this learning:


  • +74% Page Views
  • +51% Social Refferals
  • +156% Mobile Sessions


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Digital Checklist for Radio
Digital Checklist for Radio


The Digital Era is here to stay. Thus, the future belongs to those radio brands who are switched on for digital. Your success depends on whether you are prepared with a strategy and tool kit to thrive in this space.


To help you and your team assess whether you have all of the components you need to prosper, we have put together a checklist to help you identify your digital gaps and formulate a strategy to drive your radio brand’s digital success in the future.


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6 Social media Myths Debunked
6 Social Media Myths Debunked


A visual ebook on the six most popular myths and truths, that Radio brands encounter with Social Media.


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