By partnering with SoCast, your teams will save time and maximize revenue and engagement. Our products are designed to work together to help you achieve your digital goals.

Coupled with our Customer Success program, we make it simple to thrive in today’s digital landscape.

SoCast Web

With SoCast Web, your audience will be more engaged, spend more time on site and generate more ad impressions. Your team needs a simple, Radio-CMS that works with your station, and provides staff members with intuitive and specialized tools to make their jobs easier.


Activity Streams – Automatically pull in all of your social content into an interactive feed that keeps your sites updated and synchronized with your social content in real-time.


Visual Composer - Build your web pages, contests and blogs easily with drag and drop tools. Our “click, no code” page builder makes it so easy.


Ad Serving – Your website should offer a variety of advertising and sponsorship options for all of your ad partners and help you make money.


Website Examples:


Hot 107
Up 99.3
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SoCast App

The SoCast App was designed to deliver the most engaging mobile experience to your most loyal fans while offering your ad partners unique advertising opportunities that deliver ROI. Grow your membership and tuning by creating a 1-to-1 relationship between your listeners, talent and brands.


Conversation – Your listeners can easily connect and interact with your DJ’s and community managers in real-time.


Revenue Tool Kit - Synchronized audio and visual ads, sponsorable splash screens, video pre-roll ads, banner ads, and promotional posts are just a few of the tools that will help drive revenue.


Music Discovery — Automatically pull in an artist’s bio, music videos, and local concert dates so your listeners can learn more about their favorite artists.

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SoCast Social

Grow your website traffic with SoCast Social. Driving social referrals requires you to send the right message, to the right user, on the right platform in real-time. SoCast Social makes monitoring, publishing and scheduling your social activity simple for your on-air talent to use.


Influencer Identification – Identify influencers engaged with your social media in real-time and take advantage of the influencer affect to grow your audience.


Smart Streams – Get live insights into trending topics, sentiment analysis, listener demographic information while interacting with your audience from any device and on-the-go.


Content Calendar – Increase your brand’s social output by scheduling posts which in turn significantly maximize efficiencies and results

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Grow Your Audience With These Additional Tools


Create engaging promotions, quickly publish them to your website, mobile and Facebook and pull the data together in a way that makes your advertisers excited and coming back.

Data & Analytics

Use live data to easily target your audience so you can create the perfect content. Real-time social monitoring analytics and membership data all in one dashboard.

Listener Club

Discover insights about your audience and membership database. Generate revenue with special offers from local businesses, contest information and exclusive content. 

We Can Help You With These Too


Branded, reliable and mobile-ready, SoCast's web streaming player is the core of a radio station's digital business which keeps your audience engaged with flawless live experiences.


SoCast easily connects Radio listeners with your station's brand and on-air personalities, at anytime and anywhere, enabling users to engage in real-time their favorite shows and hosts.


Our team provides comprehensive training for your station, focusing on best practices for web development, social engagement tactics and digital advertising sales training.

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